Lindsey Rago
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I’m on a mission to empower women to become POWERFUL and unshakably confident from the outside-in. Know You Can, Then You Will is all about having the belief in yourself that you CAN create that wonder woman version of you and then having the tenacity to drive forward until she blossoms.


LET’S SLAY | The Ways


LivingLean (1:1)


When I work with women 1:1, we are taking their journey from A to Z. We establish the ultimate goals - internal and external - and develop a strategy to get them there. We are working on a very close, individual basis to break through all obstacles that pop up until habits are re-worked, lifestyle is rejuvenated, and a deep love of self is established.

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LivingLeanU (group)


LLU is a group-style program established to provide a step 1 or a deep dive into one's fitness journey. The women in LivingLeanU are not only craving growth in their own lives, they are also craving friendship and collaboration along the way. They want to understand the balanced process of hitting physical goals, but want immense personal development as well.

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free communities


Although I love providing women everything they need on their journey, I also understand that this is a big a commitment and that there are so many women out there who want guidance, but want to dive in on their own. I have two totally free communities where you can jump in, ask questions, and work on yourself with support around you.

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EmpowerU is a weekend retreat that will provide women the space, resources, and love to harness their power, expand their mind, and connect to themselves and each other.


I'm Lindsey, a fitness coach, personal hype woman, confidence expert, and entrepreneur. You may be craving a body you love, a fierce and unshakeable confidence, or just a life that makes you FEEL alive on the deepest level and trust me, I feel you. Over the past 4 years, I practiced and refined the methods that now allow me to empower women like you to take control of their life by first taking control of their body. This is the core of what I do, but to hear the whole story, tap that button below