Ya’ll… If this doesn’t inspire you, I don’t know what will.

I have to make this email highlighting an absolute rock star client of mine, Zoe. These went up on FaceBook yesterday and I wanted to share in case you didn’t see! Right after she committed, she mentally LOCKED in. She knew that life wouldn't slow down and there was no saying "I'll just hold off for a bit."

I'm so incredibly proud that she chose to share her journey. Below is her recap of her journey so far - It’s an INCREDIBLY POWERFUL read. 🙏🏻 Photos at the bottom!

“It’s now or never. Those are the 4 words that prompted this journey, and those are the 4 words that fill me with the bravery to share this with you now.

The girl on the left:
Could not run a mile
Did not fit comfortably in her clothes
Didn’t have a balanced diet
Made excuses for lack of energy & focus
Couldn’t keep up with the kids she worked with
Had no self confidence
Avoided mirrors & scales
Lied to herself regularly
Lacked motivation
Insisted “I LOVE FOOD” while hating herself with every bite she took
Was afraid of taking risks
Hadn’t felt comfortable in her skin in years

The girl on the right:
Ran a 5k in 30 minutes flat
Is comfortable in her own skin
Eats healthy without batting an eye
Goes to the gym 5+ days a week and has energy to spare
Is challenging the kids to keep up with me
Is brimming with self confidence
Eagerly steps on the scale every morning
Doesn’t beat herself up because of minor indulgences
Takes more risks now than ever (including this one)
Is growing more comfortable in her mind & body every day
Would like to say THANK YOU to the girl on the left for deciding to change her life

I’m not perfect. I’ve tried and failed at dieting/exercising so many times in my life. With the help of Lindsey Rago, I have achieved a sense of balance and have a totally sustainable lifestyle (while only doing 15 minutes of cardio a day 😌). I still have so much further to go, but the difference today is that I KNOW I will get there.

If my story does anything for anyone out there, I hope you have the courage to dive in. Don’t wait, don’t make excuses. The only person in your way is you. #KnowYouCan Ragofit: Online Fitness Coach


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