How often should you workout?

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I saw a comment that kicked up this topic in my mind because this woman I know posted her results and somebody else commented, “The only way to get there is to workout seven days a week, that's what you have to do. You have to eat clean. No stopping, no quitting.”


Good Lord…. I write this because I saw some respond saying, “Oh, Hell no, that's not going to be me. Forget it.”

If anybody currently believes this, it's cool. No big deal. But I want to remove that thought from your mind because what that idea absolutely kills any chance of you achieving your goals or making progress before you even try.

There was a long period of time in my life where I did train seven days a week. I don't anymore but I was very in that mindset as well.

So lets break this down. How many times per week SHOULD you go to the gym, exercise, etc?

Let’s consider 3 things first.

  1. What are your expectations?

    A good friend of mine, Erin Diamond, just mentioned this on a podcast. Your efforts are driven by your expectations.


If you have a wedding in four months and you're about to go hard for it, you really want to have your body change as much as possible in that four month period, you'll probably have to train a little bit more often. So that's one expectation and your efforts will be driven by that.


If you want balance in your life but you also want to change your body, you want to start seeing steady progress, you want to make it a lifestyle, you don't, and shouldn't, shouldn't, go to the gym seven days a week.

Do you guys feel me on this? Is this resonating?

2. What are you doing with your diet?

I've seen people who barely go to the gym, but who work on their diet by tracking their food and sticking at a caloric deficit and see really great progress. Yes, I highly suggest exercise in the gym just because you don't want to lose weight just to feel like shit after. You want to lose weight or change your body so that you can feel on fire, like a bad ass, strong, etc. Those things come from the work you put in at the gym or at home, working on yourself in some way, shape, or form.


3. What are you doing when you go to the gym?

I used to think that going to the gym every day meant I need to do an hour of fucking cardio. Every day.

I need to go run, or go on the stair master, or go take a class, or go do something that was just cardio. GROSS.

Now ^ THAT increases your caloric deficit and allows you to expend energy, but it's not necessarily the most effective.

You can be super, super effective in an hour if you're weight training really hard for 45 minutes and doing 15 minutes cardio. That can be super effective and that just means like you're building muscle, you're getting stronger, but you're also working on losing body fat/re-comping your body (changing how it looks and how it's shaped). You can be super effective doing that for an hour, four times a week.

mind blown.jpg

That's just my preference as a coach, and it’s I have my clients do. If they want to do more, there's always more but you don't want to start yourself at six or seven days a week and then burn out and just hate going to the gym…. This tends to happen if you're just going and doing cardio. If that is you, I HIGHLY suggest adjusting your routine to incorporate the weight training/cardio balance I wrote about earlier.

It's more effective, it's more efficient, and it will alllow you to to change your body composition, lose weight, and feel like you’re progressing!

If you're in the gym four days a week and then the other days you just go for a walk, do some yoga, or do something to move your body, make yourself feel good, etc, that's really all you have to do, my friends!

I so hope this was helpful! Share if it was! And if you have any questions for me about your particular situation, please do not hesitate. I’d love to chat with anyone about thoughts, concerns, etc.


Coach Linds