This blog is NOT to tell you to cut sweets nor to give you all the health benefits of going keto.


We’ve all had those events we walk away from with an overfull stomach and a shit ton of food guilt.

We never want to eat past the point of feeling full, so that’s important to pop in here, but say you do overindulge (because we’re human and it does happen), what do you do?

So when you overindulge, the worst thing that can happen is you start beating yourself up (a lot of it's subconscious, but some of it's conscious as well).

The cycle tends to continue after an overindulgence as follows:

"Oh well. I already fucked up my diet, so I'm just going to keep on fucking up.”

So you just get into this really brutal cycle where you just keep making yourself fail because you already messed up once. It kind of goes hand-in-hand with the perfectionism mindset, and feeling like if you can't do it all, why do anything? And that if you mess up once, you're doomed forever, right?

1. F*ck Food Guilt

So the first thing I want you to do is remove all the guilt from the situation, okay? Your body will go back to normal. You have not ruined every ounce of work you've put into your body. You have not ruined months of dieting or being healthy on your diet. I know removing guilt sounds hard to do because you're like, "Well, I just feel bad."

Own it. “I overate.” Cool. Fine. It's just food. It's food. I still have times where the Buffalo Chicken Dip just tastes really good, and I end up eating a lot of it and not feeling very well, and then my body hates me the next day. It's okay, you're not alone and there's no need to beat yourself up. You didn't kill anybody. I say this not to say it’s acceptable or healthy to binge or overeat, but we all know it happens, and by removing guilt, you mitigate the possibility for the cycle to continue. Most people will leave it at, "Oh, remove the guilt, then just move on and do your thing." BUT I know what it's like when you overindulge - you get upset with yourself, and I know that it's hard to remove the guilt. So be sure to utilize the next two tips as well.


And that’s okay, it will go down (hopefully not bloated enough to look pregnant)

After that I need you to understand that you will be bloated, which just means holding water. You will feel fluffy; you will feel puffy. You'll feel all these things. Your digestion might feel off, your energy might feel off. That's normal. If you overindulge, your body's got to take some time to figure out what's going on. If you wake up a little bloated, or your weight is up a little bit the next day, don’t panic. Don't allow yourself to think that that is permanent, because it's absolutely not.

You will go back to your normal homeostasis level, so long as you cut off the cycle of overindulging in that moment, and you do the things that I'm about to tell you.

3. Don’t “run off” the food

Or restrict!!! For goodness sakes, please, don’t.

Third, you don't have to do a million things to regulate your body. If you just go back to normal diet and exercise/training, you will be fine. Your bloat will go down, your weight will go down, and your body will forget it ever happened without running for 3 hours on the treadmill or restricting your food. Remember, we are talking about the example of one meal in one day.

Something important to implement here in order to get back to normal, is listen to your body when it comes to eating later that day or the next day.

What does this mean? If you ARE hungry, EAT nutrient dense and satisfying foods. If you're not hungry because you did overindulge, and you're just truly not hungry, listen to your body, because it's trying to regulate.

Beyond that, prepare yourself in any and all ways possible to get back to normal. So don't just tell yourself, "Oh, I'll just eat healthy tomorrow," because, let's be real, Sally. We’re emotional beings and when we’re upset with ourselves for slipping up, we’re likely to eat emotionally. It takes time to remove guilt fully, so you have to set yourself up for success.

Set yourself up to remove decisions regarding your food the next day, or the next week. Write down notes, plan your dinners out, prep your lunches, or whatever you have to do. OVER prepare yourself to eat in a way that suits your goals. This will help as you are trying to work on removing the guilt as it will take the emotion (and possibly excuses) out of eating.

SO LETS RECAP: 1. Remove food guilt 2. UNDERSTAND your physical reaction to overindulging and chill 3. GO BACK TO NORMAL

This is something that I teach all of my clients, whether they're in LivingLeanU or as 1-1 clients in Create Your Confidence. If you found this helpful and you want to move further on your own fitness journey, hop onto Lindseyragofitapply.com to learn more about taking your first step or click HERE to apply!

Lindsey Rago