How to STOP self-sabotaging



Things we tend to overthink/sabotage:

  • Getting out of bed without hitting the snooze button a million times

  • Getting your ass into the gym

  • Changing your diet or your nutrition

  • Signing up for that course or program that will push you to the next level in your health, career, etc

Ah, I’ll do it next week. Ah, I’ll do it Monday, fresh week! Eh, I NEED TO THINK ABOUT IT

We push things off or overthinking them to death until the possibility of execution evaporates… Ya feel?

You’re not alone

I, too, was also telling myself, “GET THE F*CK OUT OF BED.”

AND I was putting off a certification I had been wanting since JULY.

This week I finally overcame these things, and I’m ready to share how to help a sister out!

What you must understand:

When you are going through something or you’re about to go through something that elicits change or discomfort (or just something brand new that’s very fucking scary), your brain will interpret that change as you being knocked out of homeostasis.

THAT is the uncomfortable push that you feel.

Your brain doesn’t understand the difference between change is going to be good for you and change that puts you in danger

This is what causes stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.

It’s not the right time, I can’t do this right now, I need to think about this. I’m not in a good place for this. Bullsh*t.

Once you understand that THIS is just how you Brain works…

…you can to CHECK YOURSELF and assess this thing that you want to do:

Is it going to put me in danger? Is it bad? Is there some reason I shouldn’t be doing this?

If the answer is no, and you know it’s good for you and it’s what you need, then shut off that signal and tell your brain,

“It’s okay, this is what I need and this is what I want.”

Once you get past this point there’s a few tangible things you can do that help you get yourself up and moving and do whatever it is that you’ve been putting off.

1. Pre-Decision Work

Set yourself up for success by minimizing decisions.

When you’re about to go through with something uncomfortable, scary, life changing, you want to do all the pre-decision work that makes it so that the final decision is EASY for you. If it is getting up early - set your clothes out, go to bed early, pack your lunch the night before, etc. All of these things are going to make it super easy for you to get up, because it minimizes the THINGS you need to do before you leave the house (which is the uncomfortable part). If you need think about it, limit your thinking time, then make the decision. Don’t allow yourself to use the thinking as an excuse.

2. The Magic of the 5-Second Rule


NEXT count backwards from FIVE. When your brain is trying to tell you all the reasons that you shouldn’t do it, and that it’s dangerous, it’s not good for you, you deserve the extra hour of sleep, blah blah blah, COUNT BACK FROM FIVE. This countdown almost gets you excited about whatever you’re about to do. It’s a very simple tactic, but it WORKS (this was how I started getting myself UP).

3. STOP SAYING, “I’ll Think About it”

For Heaven’s sake…

Just eliminate this sentence from your language. Eliminate it as an excuse. Eliminate it as an option. Yes, I know that there are a lot of things you truly need to think about, consider, break down, etc. Not everything can be an impulse decision. However, if at all costs, avoid the phrase, because I will tell you, the best thing you can do is just bite the bullet and lock yourself in.

For example, I LOVE SoulCycle. But if I didn’t spend money on classes, and schedule them in advance, I’d never rock myself out of bed on a Saturday morning to get in there. EVEN THOUGH I always feel amazing after I go.

This tactic works best with anything related to your health. Just like signing yourself up for a gym membership, or signing up for a program. If you’re thinking about it, and it causes those physiological effects (stress, anxiety, overwhelm), and it’s GOOD FOR YOU, then you probably do really truly want it.

SO! Bite the bullet, my dear, and invest in yourself.

SO LETS RECAP: 1. Minimize the decisions you need to make 2. Count backwards from FIVE 3. Stop saying “I’ll think about it,” and just BITE THE BULLET.


If you made it to this point, and you’re ready to LOCK IT IN

I am amped to say I’m taking on 3 one-on-one clients to join Team RagoFIT! As my LivingLeanU girls are THRIVING, I have more time and energy to bring this lifestyle to more of YOU and help you make the same exciting progress. Let’s get you excited about your own life again, girlfriend.

My goals for you:

Feel so incredible about the strength that you have and the progress that you’re making

Gain internal strength and steadiness

Stop feeling frantic and truly find peace

Gain UNSHAKEABLE confidence

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Lindsey Rago