Let's SIMPLIFY Weight Loss, Shall We?

*This blog post is geared toward those who are confused about weight loss, struggling with THEIR ability to lose weight, and may OR may not be already trying (meaning dieting and training)*

When it comes to weight loss, or even just health in general, what is the most confusing part for you?

Portion sizes, calories, macros, energy expenditure, how much protein to get?

So, the government formulates nutrition guidelines for us, right? And it's very... Well, It's supposed to be simple, but it tends to be overly complicated for no real reason.

I’ve seen guidelines showing portions as “Your favorite sports equipment,” instead of just being like, "Hey, weigh your food." Then, of course, we see the daily percentages of foods, but not about what that actually means… Not to mention that it does not cover the guidelines for all macro-nutrients.

I can completely understand why it's confusing for so many

So how do we simplify what will make you feel healthy, help you lose weight, AND feel GOOD about yourself in the process?

I vow to break down 3 VERY simple things you can do TODAY (in this piece) to get yourself on the fast track to getting healthy, losing weight, AND feeling excited about it




For one week

Hands down… The first thing you want to do is track your food for one week. This is something that every single person can do, and it's super informative. So, weigh all of your food for and track it in an app similar to MyFitnessPal. You could write it all down in a journal, but instead of doing that, calculating it, and making it more overwhelming, just use an app.

IMPORTANT - do this to see where you're at without adjusting anything

Once you do this, one of three options will emerge

  1. You may be eating nothing, and therefore your body is craving more. We are humans of evolution, and if you are not giving your body any food, it's going to try to keep you alive for as long as it can. Therefore, it's not going to let go of any body fat/weight.

  2. You might be eating with awful balance of your food. I always tell my girls when they're first starting with me, "You can either eat 2000 calories of ice cream, or you can eat 2000 calories of chicken, rice, oatmeal, peanut butter, etc., and THAT is the beauty of balancing macros." Your energy might be really shitty if you're only eating carbs, if you're only eating fats, and/or not getting enough protein.

  3. And finally, you may be eating too much, therefore you're gaining weight because your body is in a caloric surplus.

So what do you do?

2. Make the lifestyle adjustments needed

And meet yourself where you’re at

After you track and weigh your food for a week and figure out where you're at, you will then be able to adjust your lifestyle. As a coach, I adjust all this for clients in the beginning, but, if you're doing this on your own, you will observe where you’re at and make changes based on what you see, not what you see some fitness model eating for calories.

REMEMBER meet yourself where you're currently at and EMBRACE the learning curve

Example 1

"Oh wow. I'm literally eating 4000 calories a day and it’s mostly sugary carbs and very low protein”

So you would bring down calories to 2500, for example, and adjust your diet to eat more protein sources until you start to “hit” better numbers.

Example 2

“I’m eating 600-800 calories a day”

You would need to boost that shit up. You wouldn’t just go straight to 2000 calories. You would have to build up slowly.

I hope this makes it easy to understand!

If not, please feel free to reach out to me at Ragofitness@gmail.com or on any form of social media.

Let’s move on to #3!

3. Get your ass moving

At least a little bit of intentional movement daily

Yes, yes. I couldn’t get away with discussing weight loss without this component which is ABSOLUTELY crucial for many reasons. If you want to have a longer life, if you want to lose weight, if you want to feel hella good about yourself, to start.

Most people in America rarely move with intention. Their only activity is walking into work, walking out of work, and walking around in their house. Even if that’s not you, I guarantee that if you add activity to your day, it's only going to help you and your ability to lose weight.

If you are going to the gym already, awesome. That's only going to help you. But, instead of being focused on HAVING to go to the gym, start thinking of how you can just improve from where you’re at.

I just need to add activity every day.

I need to add 20 or 30 minutes.

I need to go walk.

I need to go to the gym.

I need to learn how to weight train to build muscle while I lose body fat.

But, add/upgrade your activity no matter what. Keep it simple until you’ve got it down and get help if you need it! There is absolutely ZERO shame in that.

In Recap

If you are confused about weight loss, take it on back, make it super simple for yourself, and understand that if you want to lose weight you need to be at a caloric deficit (eating less than your body is burning through), and therefore, you need to understand what you're eating.

To do that you need to track your food for a week, see where you're at. Meet yourself where you are, and adjust your current lifestyle. THEN add activity into the process in any way, shape, or form that you can.

And, that is my quick synopsis of hopefully making this process less confusing for you. Please do let me know if this helped you out, and hop on my email list to receive content like this in your inbox! Much love!