You CAN'T out-exercise a bad diet | The Key to Consistent Physical Improvements

Let me say it louder for the people in the back

If you are paying absolutely no attention to your diet, you may make strength/performance improvements, but you will not see the physical progress that you expect from your hard work. In fact, it’s likely that you’ll see your weight fluctuate or creep up.


Don’t get me wrong, if you don’t care at all about your body and just want to improve your health, overall happiness, and strength, you can absolutely do that by incorporating training so long as you are eating enough of the foods that fuel you. If those are your goals, HELL YES, girl. You keep slaying.

NOW, if you’re like many who will read this and are looking for weight loss, fat loss, or any physical changes, you will not see progress if you’re only putting the effort into your training.

Diet and exercise always need to dance together

One of my clients was KILLING it in the gym but was ignoring her diet. She kept seeing her weight creep up then drop, like a mini roller coaster. This mostly happens when your focus is only on exercise, and you are ignoring your diet, or you are focusing on both, but your diet and training regimen are not aligned.

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Let’s discuss

what actually happens when you first start exercising

This is SO important to understand…

WHO IS THIS SPEAKING TO? Anyone who hasn’t consistently done intense exercise in the past year +.

When you first start training, your body will be expending waaaay more energy than it is used to.

You will likely be more hungry.

What do we do when we get hungry?

We eat more.

If you’re already not paying attention to your diet, and your new exercise routine is making you more hungry, you’re going to eat MORE of the SAME foods that you’re already eating.

For example:

If your current diet consists mostly of fats and carbs (which most American diets do!) you are going to eat MORE fats and carbs. If you tend to grab quick, convenient, not-usually-healthy meals, *cough* fast food . . . you’re going to justify eating more of that same type of food.

You may even work a little harder in the gym to JUSTIFY the way you’re eating.

Then you may possibly even call it balance.”

Sound Familiar?

To Put a Bow on This

If there is no strategy behind what you’re eating, you will very likely either maintain your weight, or see it start to creep up. AND, if you’re not paying attention to what types of food you’re consuming, you’ll likely be gaining body fat on top of muscle.

SIDE NOTE: This process ^ is usually referred to as getting “bulky.” Women often communicate this fear as not wanting to be muscular. In reality, no one is afraid of becoming lean; we’re really just afraid of putting on muscle mass and body fat.


Diet + Training + Internal Work

Where the MAGIC happens

Your body composition changes. You start to lose weight. Your view of yourself improves.

The magic happens when your diet is aligned with your training and you are consistent in both areas.

The next time you say,

“I’m working SO HARD, but not losing any weight. I’m so frustrated!

Ask yourself… are you working so hard in the gym AND in the kitchen?

If not, that’s great because there is so much room for improvement!

It’s time to hone in, girly!

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Lindsey Rago