How to Transition from DIETING to JUST F*CKING EATING

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STAGE 2 will explain this further!

This has been on my mind lately, as I feel like it is one of the biggest hurdles with weight-loss, and turning a weight-loss journey into a LIFESTYLE.

That is the ultimate goal, anyway, right? Whether it’s conscious or not, we are all striving to: be able to cook, go out to eat, have a snack, and

JUST F*CKING EAT... and not think about it, right?

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By “not thinking” I don’t mean remove every care and go hog wild… NO.

This is what the ultimate goal looks like:

  • We just make healthy choices subconsciously.

  • We know what we’re eating.

  • We know how much we need to eat to fill us.

  • We know when to stop eating because we’re good

This habit does not happen overnight. So, how do we turn our nutrition habits into something that feels natural? We practice.

I’ve broken down the process of - DIETING - to - JUST F*CKING EATING - into three stages for you. Let’s dive in!

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Stage 1: Calories

The Breakdown: This typically comes first. I’m sure you, reading this, understands that all food you eat has calories.

This is the stage where we start to become aware of portion sizes, where we’re are taught to categorize food into “good” and “bad,” and where we’re taught to focus on foods “light” or “low calorie” options.

Shout out to anyone who has tried Weight Watchers, Atkins, 21-Day Fix, Jenny Craig, etc. In programs like these, CALORIES have been disguised as “points,” “colors,” or diet plans that keep you below an allotted number of calories.

The Issue: You can eat 2,000 calories of ice cream. You’ll feel awful, BUT you got your calories in for the day, right? If strictly focused on caloric intake, we’re not focusing on where our food is coming from, and instead focusing on all of the things we “can’t have” because they’ll send us over our limit for the day. Instead of 2,000 calories worth of ice cream, you can eat chicken, sweet potatoes, rice, veggies, maybe SOME ice cream, etc., be completely satisfied, not feel like shit, and focus on WHAT you’re eating.

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Stage 2: Macros!

…aka Macronutrients

This is where I start all of my clients, and for those who have been dieting long-term, it’s usually where we go after we try (and fail at) calorie-counting.

When focusing on macros, we learn that foods have different components, and that MATTERS. So now we understand that those 2,000 calories worth of ice cream are made up of:

  • A ton of sugar, a decent amount of fat

  • A bunch of chemicals, aaaand not many nutrients

The Breakdown: MACROS - short for macronutrients - are made up of:

  • Proteins (i.e. meat, fish, poultry, whey, eggs, etc.)

  • Fats (i.e. nuts, oils, avocado, etc.)

  • Carbs (i.e. fruit, vegetables, grains, etc.)

Every food we ingest is made up of some combination of macronutrients. Some are higher in certain areas than others. This does not make them bad , we just need to be aware of what those are, and adjust accordingly.

Looking at food this way is so much more relevant to our lifestyle because it’s FLEXIBLE. This style of dieting is commonly referred to If It Fits Your Macros” aka IIFYM.

Note: none of the macros (protein, carbs, fats) are worse than the other, or bad for you. Your body actually needs a combination of all of these! It’s important to know how much of each macronutrient your body needs, for your current goals. You won’t eat the same macros for the rest of your life, or even across the span of one year. But, if you are highly active or practicing different training than you once were, your body will require you to rework your diet.

The Issue: This can get kiiiiiind of confusing because many people stay in the dark in terms of which macros work for them. There are so many macro calculators out there, mixed opinions, etc. BUT!

I simplify all of this, as well as provide you with a few of my favorite “macro-friendly recipes” in my FREE E-BOOK:

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This will discuss the ins and outs of what you need to know to get started on your weight-loss journey, andget you well on your way to JUST F*CKING EATING FOOD!

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Stage 3: Intuitive Eating

(or as I like to call it.. just f*cking eating)

This is where I’m at right now, personally! Wweeeeewww!! And where I eventually want all of my clients to end up.

“Intuitive eating” is a super trendy phrase, but literally means just eating food

  • Not tracking every bite (not tracking at all in most cases)

  • Listening to your body

  • Eating when you’re hungry

  • Stopping when you’re full


It is important when you get to this stage to not throw your hands up and say “well, I’m not tracking anymore, so I can eat whatever I want!” No. At this stage, it is assumed that you have TRAINED your mind and body (and intuition for that matter) to know what you need vs just what you want.

I believe that we were born with a certain intuition where, at one point, we knew what and how much to eat. However, over time with input from society and different upbringings, food was treated as a reward. The food we were rewarded with was typically deemed as “bad.”

It’s the food we turn to when we overindulge, the food we feel guilty about after indulging, and the food we scarf down like it’s our last meal on earth.

It is so possible to break this mentality, it just takes practice, consistency, and understanding.

It’s time to live free of food guilt, calorie crunching, and DIETING.

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