My Paleo Adventures | Tuscan Skillet w/ Turkey Meatballs


Tuscan Skillet

Paleo & Keto Friendly

I received such fabulous feedback on recipes I posted on Facebook, that I wanted to make it full blog style with details on recipe! This recipe is keto, paleo, and macro friendly and SO full of flavor. It’s one of my favorite dishes I’ve ever made.

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I typically don’t measure anything when I cook, so I did my best to estimate for you recipe lovers out there!

1lb lean ground turkey

1 zucchini

Italian herbs

1 can fire roasted tomatoes

.5 Diced onion

2 C sliced mushrooms

1t oil (any)

2 T liquid aminos or soy sauce

1. Grate one whole zucchini and mix it with ground turkey and italian seasoning

2. Form into small meatballs

3. Put into a pan w/ 1t hot oil and cooking spray

4. Brown on all sides, but do not cook fully, and remove from pan

5. Add mushrooms to pan, coat with aminos/soy sauce, and cook until they’re soft

6. Remove mushrooms and add onions to pan cooking them until they’re brown

7. Add fire roasted tomatoes and simmer

8. Add mushrooms and meatballs back to pan and cover until meatballs are done

This feeds Brian and I so really, about 4 normal humans

Enjoy, and feel free to share if you love it!