Plateaus & How to BUST through them

Ever feel like you’ve hit a plateau? Don’t worry, this happens to

e v e r y o n e.

Has anyone else ever felt high off of that first-month weight-loss progress? Then it levels out and you’re like, “wait . . . what?” You’re not alone. And news flash you might have not actually hit a wall, girlfriend.

I see this with so many clients, and most recently with ALL of my LivingLeanU girls. These girls have made incredible progress in their first two months. Then their bodies got “used to” this new lifestyle, and they THOUGHT they had plateaued.

Here are three things you MUST know/do if you’ve ever had this thought:


1. Figure out if you have TRULY hit a plateau

How long has it really been since you’ve seen progress?

It is very common for people to not lose weight for a couple days, or for a week, or even ONE DAY, and reach out very discouraged saying,

“oh my gosh, I didn’t lose weight today!” Yeah . . . and?

If you have been losing weight consistently since you started your new lifestyle or program and one week goes by where you don’t lose any weight - it’s unlikely you’ve hit a plateau. If you haven’t lost weight for two weeks, you could be on your period (where my ladies at??), retaining water weight, or any combination of things. I think most coaches would agree with me that after THREE WEEKS of being “stuck,” you can make the claim that you’ve hit a plateau. If this is the case, your weight-loss journey has halted, it has NOT ended.

You (and your coach) might just need to adjust a few things.


2. Evaluate your consistency

Are you giving your diet and training 100% effort?

So, it’s been at least three weeks. Now you have to evaluate what you’ve been DOING for those three weeks.

Ask yourself:

Have I been doing everything I possibly can with my diet & training?

Have I been weight training consistently?

Have my calories and eating patterns been consistent?

(for lack of a better term) Am I staying perfectly on track?

If you answered no to any of these questions, your body WILL fluctuate. Your weight-loss WILL halt. Weight loss requires CONSISTENCY. So, when our lifestyle fluctuates, so will our progress. This could include eating patterns: if your calories have been super low some days, and super high some days, or if you’re not eating enough, your body will retaliate. If you’re not training consistently, or not giving it your all, your progress will reflect that.

Sometimes, this is a hard pill to swallow because you’re admitting and accepting that you have not been 100% on target. This mindset can be a hurdle, but that is what makes this a lifestyle. If you can accept that you had a few weeks where you didn’t give it your all, move on and jump back in. Don’t let it spiral the rest of your progress and throw in the towel.

If you want significant results, you need to put in significant effort & consistency.

These factors really do matter.

No one can tell you whether or not you’ve been consistent or how hard you’ve been working, except for you.

So now what?

3. Time to REVAMP your routine

Assuming you HAVE been 100% consistent, it’s time for a change

So, let’s assume that you HAVE been consistent. You HAVE been giving your diet & training 100% effort, and  your weight has still not moved in three weeks or more. In this case, you are likely at a plateau and there are a few options to move past this.

Re-feed, where you eat a spike in carbs for one day to essentially reset your metabolism.

You might need changes to your routine - dropping your calories a little bit or changing up your training will both help.

Being truly consistent for weeks or months at a time, and then hitting a plateau is completely normal, be it insanely frustrating - your body has just reached a new phase and you need to change the stimulus. Change what your muscles are doing, add in another style of training, and/or change your diet slightly.

I hope this clarifies what truly is a plateau for you guys, and helps you understand how to push past it if you’ve reached one.

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Coach Linds