Read this if you LACK MOTIVATION

Let’s break it down and get you MOTIVATED right now


Motivation - or the lack of - is the most overused excuse and complaint when it comes to getting healthy.

I have found that there is a method to creating long-term (consistent) and short-term (momentary) motivation.

  • Long-term motivation includes the fire that is going to help you conquer a goal over the next month, six weeks, or long-term period. This motivation keeps you going, day in and out, keeps your eye on the long-term outcome and helps you grind.

  • Short-term motivation is what’s going to get you off the couch TODAY; get up, put on your sneakers, and go to the gym. It’s also what gets you in the kitchen, or carves out a couple hours for meal prep on Sunday. It’s the fire that you need RIGHT NOW to tackle the task that is standing between you and the previously stated long-term goal.

Right now, I’m personally overly motivated (I know what you’re thinking, who is this girl??). Bare with me. Every day, I wake up excited to conquer the day. I currently LOVE the food I’m eating and I LOVE to cook it. I LOVE the training style I have adapted, and find myself at times needing to dial it back a bit. Yes, it’s possible that one day you, too, will feel too motivated.

Here’s how to maintain that long-term motivation:

1. Find a schedule that you THRIVE off of.

2. Figure out foods that get you EXCITED (to eat and cook)

3. Find an exercise style and routine that you REALLY LOVE.


    I have created a life and schedule of things that I enjoy and things I NEED to thrive. I don’t do well training at night, so I always work my gym time into the morning and am always motivated to get there. Maybe the time that you have to be at work doesn’t leave enough time to exercise in the morning, and your biggest struggle is if you go home after work, you won’t be motivated enough to leave for the gym. Okay, so pack your clothes, water bottle, and pre-workout snack and get PSYCHED to drive to the gym straight from your job.


    Find food that gets you EXCITED to cook it and eat it, and that is also good for you and/or fits into your current diet. I know, this sounds impossible, but I promise it’s out there and it will help you so much. If you can find a connection to the food you’re cooking and discover foods you truly enjoy to cook and eat, it will change the game. Get on Pinterest, follow all of the food blogs, and get excited.


    You guessed it, you need to find a form of exercise that you REALLY LOVE. I know there are plenty of people who swear they hate to work out, they don’t like to sweat, they can’t be bothered to get to the gym and could think of a million other things they’d rather do.



    Keep trying things - weight training, for example. Most of my clients have never weight trained before they started, yet they claimed to have tried everything. Trust me, there’s a world of exercise styles out there and you WILL create that long-term motivation we’re seeking.

When it comes being motivated consistently in the long term, these things matter.

In terms of short-term motivation…

My take on immediate motivation is to adopt this mindset:

It is a PRIVILEGE to be able to cook healthy food and exercise.

  1. You have the food you need at your fingertips to cook yourself a nutritious meal.

2. You have the appliances in your kitchen and the gas & electric utilities to power them up.

3. You have the PRIVILEGE to workout. You are blessed to be able to GO WORKOUT and move your damn body.

That should be an amazing feeling, and enough to get you up off the couch and to the gym or into the kitchen. So many people can’t do this every day, and wish they could! So just get in your car and go. Then worry about the motivation once you get to the gym, because you’re not going to drive all the way there and not workout! Act on that tiny slice of motivation you have; that “I should go workout…” before it flies out of your head, and get up, get dressed, and do it.

I hope all of this got you moving! If not, drop and give me 10 push-ups.


Coach Lindsey

Lindsey Rago