Your Guide to Having the Best Week.... Every Week

It’s almost Christmas so you’re probably feeling a bit overwhelmed by this or a little in limbo (me). There’s so many EXCITING things happening…. But now for a few weeks. How do you make the next week (and every week after) the best? I got you.

1) Make a delicious dinner you’ve never made before. Plan it, live it, love it.


The Best Stuffed Peppers

of all time…

I made these for Brian and I think week, and oh my goodness, they were so so good.


Chicken: I bake the chicken after butterfly cutting it at 400° with barbecue seasoning and so he sauce on top for 30 minutes

The filling of the pepper: the diced up chicken that was baked, half a cup of cooked brown rice, 1/4 cup of plain Greek yogurt and sautéed onions put together with soy sauce and barbecue seasoning in a pan

The peppers were cooked on 400 for 15 minutes until soft, filled, topped with cheese and put back in for five minutes until melted. BOOM.

2) Plan out your activities for the week aka MAKE SOME DAMN GOALS


Every week, I try to assess my previous week and bring it to a close, then, I set some goals and standards for the coming week. If you DON’T do this, life starts to feel pretty mediocre. I have my plans for RagoFIT laid out (SO EXCITED FOR THE ANNOUNCEMENTS THIS WEEK BY THE WAY), my plans for my training laid out, and my social events planned, and I’m SO damn excited for all of them!!!

3) TALK to your kick ass lady gang/partner/anyone you love that will hold you accountable and get excited with you

1/4 of Team RagoFIT

1/4 of Team RagoFIT

There are 3 ambassadors for Team RagoFIT and tonight, the 4 of us had a call to just solidify our personal and professional goals for the week. There are lots of friends I try to build into my life that I can have these pow wows with as often as needed. I can’t tell you how powerful it is to have COMMUNITY with like minded individuals that push you to be better. If you read this and couldn’t think of anyone in your life who you can do this with, take this as your push to change who you surround yourself with. You deserve to have people around you who pull you as much as you pull others!


Lindsey Rago