So it’s December, now! YAS, CHRISTMAS GALORE! Typically, this month comes with a lot of, “Eh, screw it, it’s the holidays," type thoughts. Am I right?

*PRECURSOR* This post is NOT about restricting yourself from enjoying family time, Christmas foods, and all the holiday magic, it’s about challenging that average mentality that you’ll start January 1st.

The goal of this post is to give you some real methods to escape that mentality and why you may want to consider doing so. Let’s dive in!


“How much can you do BEFORE January1st?”

Just this week, a client of mine was fearing her ability to continue her progress through January. She was considering quitting now just in case things came up in January that prevented her from continuing. I, in turn, challenged this client to put herself in the present. “How much do you think you can accomplish in the next 30 days?”

I’ve seen clients lock in and lose 10lbs in a month. This is rare, but it is still possible without “dieting” and allowing room for those foods you really WANT to eat. It simply takes a mindset SHIFT.


  1. What’s your target? What do you want in the long term? Determining this BEFORE January is a powerful thought. Use this to drive your next couple weeks.

  2. Raise your standards for the month of December. You can still enjoy a cookie and Christmas dinner, but decide to put whatever you CAN into your goals - movement, taking the healthier route, spending a little time for you, etc.

  3. Challenge yourself to see how much you can do BEFORE January. Once it comes, and life is STILL crazy (because, let’s be real, it always is), you’ll already have a head start.

If you need a head start and some motivation to get your ass in gear, I’m about to start a series about the exact methodology to create unshakable confidence for my RagoFIT Email List Babes.

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