In 2019, I PROMISE...

I promise to provide value to you across all forms of content

I promise to remain true to myself

I promise to SPEAK my truth, even when the world tells me not to

I promise to remain positive but to be HONEST at all times

I promise to give you a kick in the ass via my content (really this means I’m giving myself one)

I promise to be an ear to those who need to be heard

I promise to see souls through all else

I promise to discount all judgement and allow truth to be my guide

I promise to be patient

I promise to support

I promise to love

I promise to bring light to this world in any way that I can

I promise to do what makes my soul happy

I promise to grow intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, physically, relationships-wise, and furthermore.

These are promises to myself AND to you. Wherever you are reading this, these are my promises to you.

My fiance, Brian, came up with this idea and I absolutely loved it, so it’s done! Now it’s your turn. What do you promise in the coming year? Write it down, order it on Shutterfly, then read it every day.



Lindsey Rago