Lindsey Rago

1:1 coaching

My one-on-one clients are near and dear to me. Within our time together, my biggest goal is to teach you the exact methodology to becoming unshakeably confident in WHO you are, WHAT you’re doing, and HOW to sustain it. I guide you through your journey from A-Z, hold you accountable, adjust as you improve, and remain as your #1 contact and guide along the way. This program is a commitment to yourself and to me, and I guarantee that you’ll be a brand new version of you by the time we get to the other side.

I accept applications on a rolling basis and very much look forward to helping you find your happiness and your best self! Click the link below to apply for 1-1 Coaching.

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living lean U

LivingLeanU is your “step 1.” This 12-week group coaching program is meant for those women who are sick of busting their ass without avail yet remaining completely stagnant in their progress. They aren’t ready to give up, and aren’t seeking a 1-1 guide just yet. They truly just need that KICK to get going in the right direction and to start seeing progress, internally and externally. LLU brings you through all of the common myths, complications, and doubts that come up in your journey to creating your best self along with an army of other women by your side.

Click the link below to apply for this program (next round beginning April 2019)

Is this the right program for you?

Watch this to find out.


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Free Community Option

Although I love providing women everything they need on their journey, I also understand that this is a big a commitment and that there are so many women out there who want guidance, but want to dive in on their own. I have two totally free communities where you can jump in, ask questions, and work on yourself with support around you.

ReVitalize | This community is for those who need to revitalize and re-energize their lives. They want to reach their optimal selves starting with small adjustments to their lifestyle that can be sustained long after they get what they want. This community is hosted by myself, Brian Pickowicz, and Julia Deignan. We share details and insights into our wellness routines and seasons and we create a safe space where everything IN the group feels they can do the same!