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Step Into Your Fire


EmpowerU is a weekend retreat where women can go to create SPACE to connect to themselves and nourish their mind, body, and spirit. This 3-day retreat is for women who are CRAVING growth, a deep desire to connect to themselves, and step into their power as a woman with impact. This is for those who want to face their fears head on because they know that the way to growth is THROUGH IT.


Create Space, Connect, EMPOWER


This weekend will nourish your mind,

body, and soul through:

  • an array of incredible and kick ass guest speakers

  • connection activities with women who are CRAVING growth as deeply as you are

  • practices that teach you how to tap into your intuition & uncover what is blocking you from moving on the things you truly want to move on

  • a safe space to RELEASE those things

  • experiences to work and nourish your body

  • a bit of PLAY, dance, and love to tie it all together

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Lindsey is an entrepreneur, fitness coach, confidence expert, and absolute people lover. Learn more about her story and mission here


Hey lady,

I want to let you in on a peak into this event and how it will help you ELEVATE and empower yourself. This weekend is not just a permission slip to create SPACE for yourself, it is an immersive experience that will allow you to clear your mind and develop a plan of ACTION.

You become empowered via taking 3 steps:

Establishing WHERE you want to grow (in what areas)

CREATING SPACE and getting out of your normal experience

LEARNING & testing what you’ve learned

This weekend WILL push you, EXPAND your mind, NOURISH your soul. There is no doubt in my mind that everyone, including you, will walk away feeling ready to TAKE ON YOUR LIFE. What are you waiting for? Snag your ticket! I’ll see you in November!




the speakers


Speaker #1
(to be revealed September)

The founder of the EPIC Powerhouse Women event, community, and podcast. She will help us get out of our own way and into ACTION around our big ideas and dreams by doing a deep dive into self talk and how to restructure it to work FOR us.

Her superpower: HYPING up and truly bringing LIGHT to any room she enters. She's a master in connecting women together and reminding them that we’re not meant to do life alone!


Julee Winterbourne

Healer, creative, artist, business woman, and executive coach. This woman will help us set boundaries, play, and develop a deep and continuous connection to our intuition.

Her superpower: Holding space for your spirit to come alive through a deeply healing experience you've never had before - intuitive painting.


Steph Rowe

Coach, fitness queen, dog lover, and absolute bad ass. She mentors her clients in business, life, and fitness. She is going to teach us all how to unf*ck our lives so that we can harness that fire we all have that we keep tucked away! She will connect us all together and set our intention for the weekend.


Ashley Pardo

Entrepreneur, educator, health coach, and all around sweet soul. After being a private chef for 7 years, this woman will help us revolutionize the way we see food, our self care, and our creativity.

Her superpower: bringing comfort, love, empathy, and encouraging energy to any room that gives us permission to improve how we see ourselves and our world.

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Brian Pickowicz

Entrepreneur, health and mindset coach, and visionary. He has built his company from $34 and has started multiple ventures before 25. He will walk us into our future selves via Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques that will help us determine what we really want and how to get there.

His superpower: SEEING people and guiding them through any problem they are facing.


Join us in Dallas, Texas

November 8 - 10, 2019

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The Space

We will join together for this all inclusive experience Dallas, Texas in this beautiful space that fosters creativity, openness, and connection.