my story

I am someone who strives to inspire others to take CONTROL of their life, take CONTROL of their body, and ultimately, find their happiness. I started out where most of you probably find yourselves today - frustrated, uncomfortable, and wanting to figure out how you can get to a peak confidence and comfort within yourself. Trust me, you can, and you WILL.

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I’m a 22 year old entrepreneur currently living in Los Angeles, California working to build lives, my business, and my body. I graduated college with my Bachelor’s of Science in Civil Engineering, but chose to pursue what I love and what I feel allows me to have an impact on this world. This passion lies in helping others on their journey to true confidence.


my approach 


Premium Coaching

My Premium Coaching is conducted on a ONE-to-ONE basis. Each program is tailored specifically to your personal goals, needs, and lifestyle. Programs include customized diet, training, or both. I will be available to you 24/7 via text message, phone call, email, etc., and will be holding you accountable every step of the way. You can expect to be coached in diet, training, and mindset over the duration necessary for you to feel massive progress toward YOUR goals.



There are SO many methods out there when it comes to the “perfect” exercise regiment. Whether you are looking to lose weight, lose body fat, build muscle, or build a certain look, I believe in utilizing weight training as the core of any program. I also believe in using cardio as a tool to aid in the process. Weight training not only helps to develop a SHAPE, but it also brings strength gains, confidence, and so much more. 



In order to achieve goals regarding your fitness, health, and how you look or feel, your diet must be aligned with your training. You must learn how to properly fuel your body to get you to where you want to be, physically. Whether you need more knowledge on macronutrients, or assistance with creating a meal plan for you to follow, I will help you get moving. 


ready, set...