Lindsey Rago
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What is my story?

To make it easily digestible, I’ve broken it into phases for you. I feel like I’ve not even scratched the further of what’s the come, but it’s certainly been a wild ride so far!

Young Lindsey

The Birth of RagoFIT

The True Start | Los Angeles

The Now | Dallas

Young Lindsey

I grew up in the small town of Franklin, New Hampshire. I was home-schooled (believe it or not) until high school, which is when I became hyper aware of all of the things I did not like about myself. Through high school and into college, I developed some nasty stories about how people saw me, who I had to be in order to be liked, etc. However, I also who I knew I could be if I worked my ass off to create her.

Underneath my go-getter, intelligent, innocent, and “perfect” facade was a girl who believe she was the fat friend who knew less than everyone else and couldn’t handle rejection. I hated who I saw in the mirror and I had no idea how to change it. It wasn’t until college, when I found myself falling for my now fiance, that the changes really started to happen for me.  

The Birth of RagoFIT

I had always wanted a rockin’ body and unshakeable confidence, but no matter how little or “healthy” I ate or how many hours per week I did cardio, I could not create the version of myself I saw in my head. Though I never allowed it to surface, my mind led me to believe it just wasn’t in the cards for me. “To be thin is only possible for models,” is what I honestly thought. So what caused the switch? An intro from Brian, and an epiphany at a bodybuilding competition.


When Brian and I first started seeing each other, he was deep into prepping for his first bodybuilding competition. I slowly dipped my toes into his training style and picked his brain about what he was doing and why. But when I actually went to his show and saw 50+ NORMAL women who had the exact body I wanted for myself, a light bulb went off… IF THEY CAN DO THIS, SO CAN I. 

So that was it. For the next 8 months, I was silently DEDICATED to creating my dream body. I learned everything I could about macros and weight training, and refused to give up until this dream came to fruition. Over that time, I lost 45lbs (the original transformation shown below) and stepped into MY OWN bodybuilding competition prep.

At this point, naturally, friends started to ask how I did it, and I could not wait to pour all of my knowledge and belief into them. Now, important note: knowledge does not equal action. Therefore, it wasn’t until I established myself as a fitness coach that I found I was able to REALLY help others achieve this peak level of confidence and the body they had always wanted. Hence, RagoFIT was BORN in January of 2017, my final semester of college.

transformation story.jpg

The True Start | Los Angeles

Upon graduation (I do have a B.S. in Civil Engineering), Brian and I decided to hop in our car and head out to Los Angeles, the home of all things fitness, and start our life together. At this point, I was preparing for my first NATIONAL bodybuilding competition, building RagoFIT, and moving in (for the first time) with Brian. So naturally…. There were challenges. 

During this season, we were pushed beyond our perceived limits - we had to develop relationships from scratch, build our businesses, learn to understand ourselves and communicate effectively, and focus on what was within our control. After that final competition, I left the world of bodybuilding and honed in on optimizing my health and my life. This decision allowed me to create a holistic approach for the women I work with that not only adjusts their  habits within diet and exercise, but that also develops their soul and their confidence in all areas of life.

There is so much I could say about our 2 years in Los Angeles. It truly felt like we lived 3 different lives while there. I not only grew as a coach, but as an entrepreneur, a friend, a girlfriend (fiance now), and woman. 


The Now | Dallas

This all brings us to today. This present moment. We have recently (2019) moved to Dallas, Texas, where we are building our lives as ONE. RagoFIT has blossomed into an incredible community of women who care not only about their body, but also their well-being, AND they give it all to the world around them once they have it. 

I’m working on a variety of projects including EmpowerU Retreats (learn more HERE) and ReVitalize (free community HERE). 

I cannot wait to see what Dallas has in store for us, so for now, you’ll have to watch with me. 

Thank you for reading my story, and I cannot wait to see how we connect in the future!